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Hi I’m Jacqueline Coates,

I’m a practising artist and painting teacher with a wide and excellent reputation across Australia NZ & my online painting and mentored programs globally

I have been painting for 30 years and teaching for 15 years

Now I am coming to the USA in person for some hands on get you sorted out workshopping! I’m so excited to share my teaching with you!

Let me help build you from the ground up as an excellent able-to-create-the-outcomes -you-want sort of painter no matter what your experience lack of it or any failures of the past

I am known for my Blooms paintings, and as a teacher getting amazing results from my students with my compassionate and logical approach

It’s natural to feel tentative or scared of doing something new, particularly when it comes to art and expressing yourself. What if you fail and make a fool of yourself? What will others think of your efforts? Will it be the end, or it will it be the start of a new wonderful creative you?


Since you’re here reading this, it’s likely there’s a very important part of you that’s truly hungry to bust out, paint and express yourself. I was there once myself so I fully understand. That’s why I’m releasing my highly effective teaching system to accelerate your learning which has helped thousands of Australians and online global students already and a proven painting method.


I help you avoid the mistakes other artists make so you won’t get stopped. It’s not just about pushing the paint around the canvas Its about avoiding the potholes that make you feel terrible and can rock your confidence!


Before you even pick up the paint brushes learn how to make choices to set yourself up for success. Experience the joy of painting and learn to paint blooms, landscape, still life and portraiture within 12 months, from home.

If you’ve secretly been thinking of having a go at painting you’ve definitely come to the right place.


Don’t let years slip by, shelving your creative dreams when you can unleash your creativity today!

Truth is, you don’t need to be born with a creative bone in your body to be able to paint. You simply need to learn my powerful effective steps that will have you painting with certainty and confidence in no time.

My compassionate step by step JACQUELINE COATES Blooms Painting Method® is a system of painting that anyone can apply. I know because hundreds and hundreds of total newbies have already used it to unlock their creative potential.

Learn to create paintings that inspire and move others. Surround yourself with beauty and art.
All you need is a table top, and to be willing.

I’ve taught loads of everyday people with absolutely no experience whatsoever to be confident artists. I started teaching in my kitchen due to popular demand and now I teach all over Australia, and at my painting studio, Salon Rouge, in the Barossa Valley. Everyone loves a beautiful painting and the joy it brings.

Perhaps you’ve seen the awesome testimonials from my Blooms students who’ve learned to connect with their creativity and passion, achieving BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS with stunning artwork. Many of them sell their painting homework and earn while they learn.

Some have made painting their life’s work and are even being paid big bucks to do what they love!
Paint for yourself or paint for others. Paint at a pace that suits you.

It’s my dream and I hope yours that you’ll join me for my bonus 2 day workshop in LA this October 2017 and experience my structured PAINT BLOOMS USA PROGRAM ONLINE pack as you move towards your creative dreams.

You’ll get all the information you need to start the most creative and rewarding journey of a lifetime. See you on the other side!


I watched the video, I could watch you all day!
I wish I could come to Australia and meet you in person, but for now I’m happy I can see you paint online.
Thank God for technology!

Sarah F


Hello Jacqueline, Greetings from the USA!!

Just finished painting my 9th class (pears) and wanted you to know how happy I am with your classes and give you some feedback.

As a retired teacher, I can appreciate all the work that you have put into the program with the organization and planning. Each class is so well thought out and easy to comprehend for anyone. Your video clips and tips are extremely helpful and I have learned a lot in the two months I have been in the program. I have never taken an online course and didn’t know what to expect, but this is so worthwhile. I am sure your workshops are awesome and I wish I could take one and meet you. But this works, and it is amazing to connect with you so far away with just a click!!

I am pleased with the way the course is progressing…. I have also learned a lot about mixing colors. I am looking forward to painting the purple iris this week. I actually have the identical flower in my garden and painted one this past summer. I look forward to painting it again with your bloom technique. I am sure it will be bolder and more beautiful.

We are entering our winter here in Buffalo, New York, but the snow came early….
Your painting course will get me through what promises to be a long hard winter! I couldn’t be happier painting huge blooms against the snowy skies!!

Thanks again for sharing a wealth of information and advice, and helping me become a better and more confident painter.

Warm regards,
Barbara Brown


Dear Jacqui

I have just completed lesson 51 and I see that you only go to 52.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my course and it has taken me away from the
stresses and worries that I have had.

I have a large collection of paintings and have sold a few which is

Thanks for all you have done for me

God Bless
Sondra xxx


Hi Jacqueline,

Thanks so much for putting this program together, it truly is wonderful.
The How To Paint Blooms Program just ticked so many boxes for me. I’m a busy mum, and finding set blocks of time each week to attend painting classes was just not possible in and around the demands of family life, but the flexibility of the on-line How To Paint Blooms Program has allowed me to having my painting time and lessons at any time of the day or night, as I can paint when I have time free, even if that’s a different time each week. Jacqueline’s program guides so well, whether you have painted before, or not, the steps in the program are easy to follow and success is achieved from the very first painting.

The on-line videos and Face Book group also provide great support, guidance and encouragement. I would highly recommend the program to anyone that wants to learn to paint and produce beautiful paintings all within the comfort of your own home.

Natasha Moore

New Zealander Ange Harrison learned to paint with me and went on to paint other subject matter as well as Blooms, and now accepts painting commissions and regularly wins art prizes! Here she is with her first Blooms painting created at a workshop in Brisbane, Australia


‘What’s TAKEN YOU SO LONG to get here?!’,
I hear you say!!!

Your tutor has mentored hundreds of newbies to become fully fledged artists

Apart from being pretty busy bringing up my two gorgeous children as a single mum and sole parent from the get go (they are turning out just fine) I have been teaching all over Australia and helping others to achieve their creative dreams.

LEFT; Mel Simmonds was able to leave her day job and open her own gallery and art studio

Your tutor has written several online painting programs with my unique & liberating approach to painting which have been a proven success for artists globally

Pictured right; Teaching a One Day Day Blooms Painting Workshop in the UK in 2016. Me far right!

That’s right! I’ve been busy writing my online painting programs, & mentoring hundreds of students to achieve success with their painting dreams over the last five years. It’s been an absolute blast and an honour. I love being an artist but I have found I love teaching and writing even more. Is that even possible???!!!

The kids have recently gone to boarding school for the last three years of high school in Adelaide which offers more than our rural location. This and the conclusion of a lot of projects being set up, is now giving me free time to pursue coming to America which is a big dream of mine! What can I say? Yihaaaaa! And fasten your seat belts!

Lots of fun and easy to understand painting demos are part and parcel of my online and in person teaching style

Your tutor is also published best-selling author in the arts!

I’ve also written and published a book called Make money from Art- a memoir, worked with Winsor and Newton, the leading paint manufacturer globally, from Australia, to educate about colours, and in 2016 I founded French Art School in Nouvelle Aquitaine, establishing my own painting studio and accommodation so students can enjoy following in the footsteps of the French Impressionists on my French Art School Tours.

BECAUSE I am also a responsible mum as well as a teacher, I like to plan my life with stability so everything works well and my clients have an awesome and inspirational painting experience. Now some projects are sorted, I have room on the schedule to dust off this dream of coming back to America. I visited a long time ago but not as a fully-fledged kami khazi brush wielding painter and artist! It’s very exciting. And about bloody time as we’d say in OZ!

SO what exactly is in the


For starters after sign up, commence a weekly painting 52 week e-class series

My proven 52 week blooms weekly e-lessons to do at your own pace- learn how paint a range of subject matter from the How to Paint Blooms Online E-class series that has helped hundreds of newbies become fully fledged painters worth $779 inc bonus photo references pack

From early October as the group is finalised, you will be signed into the Online Blooms Workshop APP to enjoy 60 Online videos; how to problem solve painting issues plus how to demos as per my Blooms Painting Workshops in Australia

The App is downloadable on your smartphone or ipad, and is a proven teaching aid with existing students in Australia. Take the course anywhere you take your device and have wifi.

Experience the empowering Blooms workshops I conduct all over Australia. You too can access the workshop demos that have changed the lives of hundreds of participants. Call me up as your mentor on the APP at any hour. Replay videos. Bring the workshop to life every time you review the materials.

Learn to paint Blooms at mid to large size. Empower yourself to paint mid and large size canvases. Enjoy stunning results! Valued at $2257

Learn to paint roses, peonies, frangipanis, tulips, waterlilies, pears, figs, blossoms and more and receive stunning photo reference to paint from that sets the foundation for beautiful paintings.

Hi Jac,

I just thought you might like to know what I am up to. I have done another peony painting but more than that I have cleaned out half of my garage and now have a spacious studio space. I painted a wall white for display purposes – the only lined part of it – the rest is metal.

I am cutting back on a days work from the end of April so I will do 4 day weeks and will have a day for painting. I have a lovely gift shop that has offered to display my work and also have been offered a space for an exhibition later this year in Prahran.
Thankyou so much. I found your class amazing and cannot believe the energy/power I am feeling about painting. I just feel different in a great way.

Kind regards,
Noela, Melbourne

Hundreds of dollars of stunning photo reference to paint from inspired by Monet’s garden, and flowers from around the world
Valued at $497

Step by step classes and references so you can create an assured outcome with your paintings for large blooms paintings as per my Blooms Painting Workshops in Australia

  • My NEW BLOOMS PAINTING WORKSHOP MANUAL teaching step by step how to paint mid to large size paintings with actual examples and the photo references to paint them yourself $997
  • 2 skype sessions with Jacqueline Coates. I’ll keep you on track with your painting and your goals. Receive mentoring support for your paintings. Sessions worth $297

Special offer for my
first US visit $3497

Save $1330

AND RECEIVE THESE BONUSES worth a further $1614, I know will accelerate your skills!

  • Paint Brush License Manual and Videos- gain control of your paint brush!
    Learn how to manage and control your paint, the first all important step to creating the paintings you will love. This is a game changer enabling complete newcomers to painters to be able to paint valued at $197
  • Bonus Colour Mixing Exercise-How to mix thousands of colours and save hundreds of dollars with five tubes of paints Valued at $120
  • Fab 5 Mentor pack INCLUDING;
    -When and how to call yourself an artist
    -How to earn while you learn
    -5 Steps to Reboot your Creative Mojo
    -How to set up your art studio
    -How to value yourself as an artist and protect your create energies Valued at $300
  • Access to the Members Facebook Page for the first ever US group of ten students at FB Paint Blooms USA Members. Enjoy the support of like-minded others on the art journey and I’ll encourage and inspire you.
  • And for the first ten bookings you will receive an invitation to participate in the Free 2 Day Workshop in LA for the October dates worth $997

That a total of BONUSES worth $1614 at no charge including the invitation to join Jacqueline in person for her famous Blooms Painting Workshop

That’s a total cost
of $3497

for $6441 of value
Save a massive $2944 as I debut my already proven teaching methods in America

The Paint Blooms USA Online Program summarised for you;



52 weeks of step by step e-lessons from my proven online program HOW TO PAINT BLOOMS

Commences at sign up
Worth $779*

Membership of the private Facebook PAINT BLOOMS USA

Commences at sign up
Join our private Facebook group for Paint Blooms USA where you can meet the other students and post your work as you create it.
Enjoy a positive support network
No charge


  • Commences early October and once payment has been received in full
  • 60 workshop instructional videos demonstrating my proven Blooms Painting Method showing how to paint the large Blooms canvases and the stunning images provided. Learn how to problem solve your paintings, learn how to apply your paint
  • A section of 20 bonus photo references that accompanies my Blooms workshop

Valued at $2257

Blooms Painting Manual
With series of e-classes
Uploaded to the Blooms APP for your convenience

  • A Blooms Painting Manual with written instructions easy to understand accompanied by step by step images for large and mid-size Blooms Paintings including roses, magnolias, pears, tulips, irises, and more including the actual range of photo references to match, yours to paint up valued at $997

Blooms Photo reference pack peonies, poppies and roses

  • A set of stunning photo references to paint from inspired by gardens around the world and Monet’s garden at Giverny valued at $497 and delivered by Dropbox or mailed USB

2 Skype sessions with Jacqueline Coates

Via skype valued at $297 in total
I will keep you on track with your painting and goals. Mentoring support for your paintings


Special offer $3497 save $1330

AND THESE BONUSES worth a further $1614


(Uploaded to the BLOOMS APP for your convenience)

Take the pain out of painting and learn how to gain control of your paint. Valued at $197


Learn to mix thousands of paint colours and save hundreds of dollars. Enjoy my go to handy colour recipes that will increase your success at the easel valued at $120

Fab 5 mentor pack including ;

  • When and how to call yourself an artist
  • 5 Steps to reboot your creative Mojo
  • How to set up your art studio
  • How to earn while you learn
  • How to value yourself as an artist

And protect your creative energies

First 10 bookings BONUS 2 DAY LIVE in LA at the DOWNTOWN ROOM OCT 25 & 26, 2017 WORKSHOP INCLUDING CANVAS, BRUSHES  AND PAINTS with Jacqueline Coates

Worth $997
Get yourself to LA for Oct 25 & 26 for the two day live Blooms painting opportunity


$3497 for all items
Save $2944

*All prices are in US DOLLARS



Learn to paint from scratch with my proven Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method®
Take the pain out of learning to paint.
Here’s what some of my students have had to say about my painting workshops and online teaching programs;

Jac, thanks for a great week, lovely group of girls, and great to be totally immersed in our painting!

We’ve all walked away feeling really proud and amazed at we’ve learned and the beautiful works we’ve produced.

Jane Jordan

Valerie Cheffings

Jacqueline’s workshop was like visiting Heaven for a short exhilarating, enlightening, and extremely energetic while. She answered all my questions, and was so free with her skills and knowledge. I learned more in this 7 day workshop than all the years I have studied art, which has been substantial. The tutorial components were professional, highly educational, and practical while fostering creativity and friendships in our group.

Jac also shared her life journey, tricks of the trade, aspects of how to turn painting into an attractive career choice, and last but not least her bubbly personality. It was an absolute joy, although tough at times, to be part of this life changing experience.

Kind regards
Diana Orth

You have filled my head with so much lovely stuff, the ideas and sparks are flying, can’t wait to see where we are going next!

Penny Stanton, NSW

Pay via credit card or Paypal. Deposit required at time of booking, balance by October 15, 2017. All online materials released in October once full payment has been made.

Do I have to be a BLOOMS PAINTING PROGRAM online member to come to your two day Blooms in LA?

Yes, you sure do. I want to share my teaching methods with motivated action takers who are going to do something great with the amazing knowledge I have to share.

I can work with ten people in person for two days to support you with your online program so I want to know that the students I have in the room are committed to doing more than two days of painting, they want creativity on their lives.

The two days in person session is my free gift for action takers and a celebration of the fact I am bringing my teaching gift to America to make a difference for others.

Where is the LA venue?

The venue is called THE ROOM DOWNTOWN and it’s at 704 S.Spring Street Los Angeles 90014
It’s a centrally located studio and close to cafes and amenities.

Hours for our two day workshop are 8.45am to 5.30pm daily
October 25 & 26, 2017

What if I’ve never painted before ?

That’s no problem. I start with total newbies all the time and the results you see on you tube and in my ads are not specially selected, they are the norm. About half my class are totally new to painting. The Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method® is a proven way to accelerate your learning and take the pain out of painting and making mistakes. I have loads of tips and brilliant techniques to show you that help you achieve a fabulous outcome very quickly.

Margot Natrass regained her confidence with painting though my teaching and is off and away now busy with commissions and painting sales from Perth, Western Australia

Will you be visiting other parts of the states ?

In time, I’d like to visit other parts of the states but for the moment Los Angeles.
Is going to keep me busy so that’s the offer I have available and I make no promises for the future.

Some of my past and current students in Australia who are going gang busters with their paintings, and started with the Blooms Painting Workshop are shown here below;

Is it too late to learn to paint? I’m in my fifties

The best time to paint is from a mature age because by this time you have so many things sorted out and have more time to focus.

Imagine art school students fresh out of high school and think back to when you were that age, and still learning how to do the basics such as come up with income, live in a shared house, handle your raging hormones and work out who you are. Things are much steadier by the forties onwards, and we have so much life experience under our belts.

It’s never too late to let your creativity bloom!
The students shown above here did my Blooms Workshop and went on to enjoy further mentoring and as a result have careers as artists.

What if I miss out on one of the ten places?
Can I still join your program?

Of course, you can enjoy the program online still and I’ll be back to share my unique methods so I will wait list you for a 2 day workshop.

You will simply start the program online now then be first in line for my next 2 day blooms event in LA or closest location!

How do I know this program is right for me?

This program is ideal for you if;

  • You are hungry to learn and want it now from a mentor who has done the hard work for you
  • Want guidance to make painting easy and get great results
  • Want to feel appreciated for your creative efforts
  • Love a live workshop and the ability to work at home and continue your learning, plus enjoy like-minded others in our private Facebook community.
  • Want to enjoy some skype mentoring to keep you on track.
  • Are keen to develop a new area of your life and give yourself a creative reboot!

BOOK your Limited Edition place!

What happens in the 2 day free workshop?

We are working on easels so we will either paint a mid size canvas 30 inches x 40 inches.

You will have the opportunity to work through painting methods with me, see lots of demos and try them yourself, and build a painting from scratch. This is a workshop that has helped thousands of others to go and create amazing work even if they have never painted before.

I have taught my live workshops in New Zealand, all over Australia and in France and the UK over the past 15 years. Now it’s time to share it in America. I’ve taught all over the world online. I’m excited to see what you think.

Paint Blooms UK at Hathersage Derbyshire. My teaching takes me places
to help others achieve their painting dreams

Don’t miss out on your place October 25 & 26, 2017 in LA